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Welcome to your life... an ode to in-vitro fertilisation.

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Today, fifty percent of you entered this world, emerging from the depths of existence.

Enveloped within a vessel, a translucent jar capped in yellow, you were carefully transported to a realm beneath the gaze of a microscope. There, you were spun, purified, and meticulously chosen.

In anticipation, your mother and father stood waiting, prepared, eager to reunite with you. Their hands intertwined; they witnessed your journey as you were delicately drawn into a syringe.

Then, with one decisive plunge through the gatekeeper of the cervix, you ventured forth.

Tonight, fifty percent of you entered this world, propelled into the obscurity of the tubal abyss by the graceful fingers of the fimbriae. With only one direction to follow, you descended the rabbit hole, tracing the path to your destined future. Afloat and in search of the golden egg.

Tomorrow, both of you will create life.

Merging, splicing, sequencing, replicating. Merging your strands of DNA. Some of Mum. Some of Dad. A fusion that ignites the spark of existence, transforming you into the seed that will flourish over time.

Within you reside the essential components—Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Phosphorous, and Sulfur. And like a sprinkle of salt to perfect the recipe, an ethereal soul woven into your being, a radiant essence bestowed upon you. The glow of divinity, a celestial fingerprint amidst the vastness of the universe.

In nine months, one hundred percent of you will enter this world, bursting forth from your cocoon, inaugurating the grand spectacle of life. Your opening scene, act one, commencing on February 5 2022:

You draw your first breath, inhaling the essence of oxygen into your tiny lungs, expanding them for the very first time.

You behold light as your pupils adjust, balancing the incoming radiance.

You’re serenaded by a symphony of sounds, initially overwhelming, until your delicate eardrums harmonise the melodies around you.

You feel the tender embrace of warmth, your nerve endings awakening, attuned to the sensations that envelop you.

Mummy and Daddy cradle you in their arms, a cherished bundle of love. They provide you with safety and security, warmth and tranquility. This unwavering love and guidance will forever illuminate the path of the journey you have just embarked upon.

Welcome to your life, Oliver John Hackett!

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