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Winner of the 2023 Australian Society of Authors Award Mentorship for 'Submerged'
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In search of solace, an Army veteran retreats to his family's lakeside home, only to stumble upon an unexpected romance. But when his turbulent history triggers a cascade of deception and a relentless military probe looms, he realizes that the toughest battle lies not on the battlefield, but in coming home.

Patrick, a battle-weary veteran, longs for death while lying wounded in Afghanistan. 

His survival leads him back to his parents' home by Lake Superior, where civilian life proves to be challenging.  


That is until he crosses paths with Emma Harrison, a local nurse whose connection with him is undeniable from their very first encounter. With her optimistic cynicism, Emma becomes the unwavering support Patrick desperately needs. 


Yet, as their bond deepens, Patrick uncovers a shattering truth: his past is intertwined with a tragedy from Emma's childhood. Paralyzed by fear, Patrick allows his decisions to be controlled by his haunting memories and escalating anxiety. The fragile threads of his mind begin to unravel, forcing him to confront the events of the past.


Patrick soon discovers that the most formidable battle is the one fought at home, and to find redemption, he must first find forgiveness. 


"Submerged," is a veteran's journey of life after trauma and traverses the complexities of family, friendship, love, and the haunting experiences of war.

When fighting is all you know,
surviving comes at a cost.

“When nothing else subsists from the past, after the people are dead, after the things are broken and scattered... the smell and taste of things remain poised a long time...”

―Marcel Proust

A Significant Achievement - Well Done!

The novel evokes with great authenticity and emotional depth the two alternating voices of Patrick and Emma. There is much beautiful, poetic writing in the novel, particularly around the physical world. Above all, I felt I knew this world, these people, and despite its dark themes, seemed suffused with love and tenderness for them. This novel would appeal to a range of readers of literary fiction, interested in novels exploring psychological themes. The fact that the novel traverses both family, love and war gives it an even broader appeal.

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In a world fractured by borders and bound by fear, a lone agent grapples with a choice that could ignite a revolution - follow orders or follow her heart.

Infiltrating an organized crime syndicate demands unwavering dedication, deception, and a willingness to cross the line. Special Agent Eloise Shaw, an efficient Canadian Interpol undercover agent, has mastered these skills, but at what cost?

Her mission to dismantle a ruthless people smuggling outfit leads her to Jonathan Autry, a charismatic and enigmatic art forger with a haunting past. Drawn to him against her better judgment, Eloise finds herself torn between duty and desire, risking everything for a love she never expected.

As her secret relationship with Jonathan is revealed by her handler, Special Agent Michael Hanson, chaos ensues, leading Eloise to make a fateful decision. Trapped between conflicting loyalties and her intense feelings for Jonathan, she navigates a treacherous path of deceit and betrayal.

In a gripping tale of passion, sacrifice, and moral complexity of a world where people movement between countries is banned, Eloise must confront an ultimatum that could alter her life forever.

Will she prioritize her mission over her heart's desires, or will she take a chance on an unforeseen love and challenge the system?

In a society gripped by fear, one agent dares to challenge the barriers that separate hearts and minds.

“To think that nothing out of the entire Musée du Louvre and Musée d'Orsay collection was saved is heartbreaking. All that beauty and nine centuries of art history, gone up in smoke. Nothing but a glossy photo in an art book to remember it by.”

Codesmith, Erin Kaye Hackett

henry rousseau style painting of the avenue parc st cloud at night with debris and war rav
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