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Give your service the health check it deserves.

Quality & Safety for Healthcare & Community Services

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Let my skilled writing handle your policy and information needs. From form to brochures to clinical policy manuals, I can develop compliant materials tailored for your service.

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Compliance & Policy Review

Stay ahead of changing legislation and standards. I'll assess your policies and procedures and ensure your meeting all requirements for healthcare services.

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Accreditation Support

Prepare, achieve and maintain accreditation with my expert guidance. I'll walk you through the process and ensure you're always meeting quality standards.

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Gap Assessments

Need a mock assessment to identify gaps in compliance to quality standards before accreditation? Identify weaknesses and areas for improvement through my comprehensive gap assessments. I'll create a roadmap to success.



Ensure the effectiveness of your organisation's systems and processes through a comprehensive cycle of internal self-assessments and audits. Our primary focus isn't just compliance; it's about unearthing opportunities for improvement.

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Quality & Clinical Governance

Check the health of your quality and clinical governance systems and improve processes that will not only ensure top-quality and safe care for your clients but also give you peace of mind knowing that your service is operating at its best.

Partnering for Enhanced Quality & Safety:
Lets work together to keep clients safe


Our mission is to facilitate the continuous quality improvement of clinical governance and risk management systems in primary health, Aboriginal medical services, and NDIS services.

Your Challenges, Our Solutions

Quality standards, compliance, and accreditation can be daunting, but with A Matter of Quality, you're never alone. Our expert guidance will help you:

Assess policies and procedures to meet healthcare service requirements
Navigate the accreditation process with confidence
Identify gaps in compliance through thorough gap assessments
Conduct internal self-assessments and audits to improve your systems and processes

Our primary focus isn't just compliance; it's about uncovering opportunities for improvement that will enhance your organization's effectiveness.

Peace of Mind through Governance

Maintaining the health of your quality and clinical governance systems is paramount. With our comprehensive assessments and improvements, you'll not only ensure top-quality and safe care for your clients but also gain peace of mind knowing that your service is operating at its best.

Bridging the Skills Gap

Are you struggling to attract or retain the skilled professionals needed to manage quality and maintain accreditation requirements? A Matter of Quality offers tailored quality management support services to organisations across Australia. Our collaborative approach ensures you're well-prepared for assessments, helping you identify risks and continuous improvement opportunities on a regular basis, not just when it's accreditation time.

Preparation for Success

For accredited organisations seeking reassurance when it comes to accreditation time, our pre-assessment reviews and preparation quality health check can make all the difference. Clients report increased preparedness and a better understanding of standards and evidence requirements, leading to confidence in continuous improvement initiatives.


If you're new to accreditation requirements, we provide expert advice tailored to your unique needs. Our accreditation support service streamlines the process, from desktop systems reviews, development of accreditation action plans, coordinating whole-of-service quality improvement activities, writing policies and strategic documents, to planning and scheduling your accreditation timeline. A Matter of Quality will be your partner in not only achieving but exceeding accreditation.

With A Matter of Quality by your side, you can focus on delivering exceptional care
while we take care of the rest. 

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